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Learning is our number 1 goal!
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About Tater Tots Day School
Hello, my name is Crystal and I have been a daycare provider for the past eight years now. I love working with children and being such a big impact on their lives. I am married to my wonderful husband, and we have four boys of our own, ages 19, 13, 8, and 18months. I have 10 children in my care (including my son's). We teach pre-school curriculum and we do lots of fun learning activities. Curriculum is based on age. We do it all, from learning ABC's, shapes, colors, animals and sounds, sight words, letter and word phonics, numbers and learning to write. We read so many books, puppet shows, sing and dance along with the music, learn nursery rymes, paint and do crafts.  We are in a great neighborhood with a park across the street. We wake trips to the park 2-3 times a week. We also do weekly field trips during the summer months. We take educational field trips throughout the year to the library, zoo, fish hatchery, water parks, funtastic, Gibson ranch, and on occasions the crocker art museum and ca state railroad museum. While we want our kids to have fun and be kids we want the 3-4 year old children especially to be ready for, and excited about school! 

In preparation for school we do a lot of fundamental and craft activities on a daily basis, along with pre-schooling, getting children on the path for school readiness! The children are already writing their names and learning how to read and write. Good teacher to child ratio, so each infant/child is well taken care of and they each receive lots of one on one attention.

We do lots of water play outside during summer  with sprinklers, water toys and ocassional spray parks! I am a member of beanstalk, a food program that helps with great menu ideas, as well as monthly home visits, to insure I meet the guidelines for heathly eating. Our menus vegetarian friendly. I  never serve any type of unhealthy (except treats on speacial occasions) food, as that is up to the parents if they permit that food and only at home.

I do not allow the children to watch TV, except right before nap time, they watch  a short educational DVD. I advance the DVD's as they learn. We follow along with flash cards that go hand in hand with most of the educational DVD's they watch...most are 20 minutes long.

Most of are crafts are painting, beads stringing, glue crafts, hand painting, pop corn crafts, chalk drawing, pudding painting, and lots of play dough fun. We have many different board games that teach sight words, numbers, word building, letter sounds, building sentences, word puzzles and fun puzzles. There is so much more that we do here, its hard to list everything. We have circle time, we learn a letter each day and all about the calender (months, days, years, and  seasons.)
We enjoy what we do here to the fullest, myself and the children... we would be more than happy to share with you some of what we do through out our days.

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I have referrals that I can give you from all my daycare parents as well!!!